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  • Mounting Network Shares with SSHFS on macOS

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Once the action is complete, you will receive another popup to shut down your machine and to boot into recovery mode to enable the kernel extensions from the Security Policy button. 

Once your machine is fully powered off, please follow the follow steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button until “Loading startup options” appears.

  2. Click Options, then click Continue.

  3. Select an administrator account, then click Next.

  4. Enter the password for the administrator account, then click Continue.

  5. In the Recovery app, choose Utilities > Startup Security Utility.

  6. Select the system you want to use to set the security policy.

  7. If the disk is encrypted with FileVault, click Unlock, enter the password, then click Unlock.

  8. Click Security Policy.

    1. You will need to select the "Reduced Security: Allows any version of signed operating system software ever trusted by Apple to run" option. 
    2. You will then select "Allow remote management of kernel extensions and automatic software updates: Authorizes remote management of legacy kernel extensions and software updates using a mobile device management (MDM) solution." option 
  9. Click OK
  10. If you changed the security, click the User pop-up menu, choose an administrator account, enter the password for the account, then click OK.

  11. Choose Apple menu > Restart. (You must restart your Mac for the changes to take effect.)

Creating the mount directories