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  • How to VPN into the UCSD network

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  • How do I use What is VPN?
  • How do I use VPN?
  • What is VPN? What is VPN?What are the common uses of VPN?



is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It enables you a device to connect to UCSD's network, as if you were on-campus.


the device was physically at UCSD. 

How Do I Use UCSD VPN?

Instructions on how to install and use VPN are located here: Uses of UCSD VPN

What are the common uses of VPN?

  • Network Licensed Software:
    • For network-licensed software (ex. MATLAB), logging into UCSD VPN allows the software to access the network license at UCSD while


    • off-campus.
  • Unregistered Machine Needing Wired Internet Access:
    • Logging into UCSD VPN will allow users to gain full network access during their VPN session. This is especially useful for short-term guests who need wired Internet. You can use your AD credentials to login to UCSD VPN.
  • Accessing machines remotely (i.e. SSH):
    • Access to on-campus machines is restricted to only the campus network. VPN is considered part of the campus network. 
  • Accessing network file shares remotely (i.e. SMB):
    • Access to network file shares like network home directories are restricted to only the campus network. VPN is considered part o the campus network. 

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