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  • Presenting with Revelle Conference Room 4301 Projector

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Ways to Connect to Projector:

  1. Wirelessly 
  2. HDMI / VGA

Connecting to Projector Wirelessly
Connecting to Projector Wirelessly



  1. Push button under Wireless Video on the wall-mounted control panel. 
  2. Behind the wall-mounted control panel is a screen control panel with 3 switches. Flip middle switch to DOWN position to lower the screen and return switch to MIDDLE position once screen is completely down.
  3. Visit this website:, which should also be visible on the screen. 
  4. If you encounter a message similar to the following (depending on the browser), click on Show Details and visit this website.

  5. Click Start Presenting
  6. Click Mac in the grey box to download the software. 
  7. Click Allow to start the download. 
  8. In your Download folder, open up AirMedia file.  
  9. Select open this file.
  10. Follow the steps from screen below.
  11. On taskbar, click on AirPlay icon then select either AirMedia or AV-IGPP4301-AM.
  12. When prompted, enter in the 4 digit code found on the screen under the web address (URL).
  13. When done using screen sharing disconnect from airplay via task bar in top right corner, select turn off Air Play