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Turn PowerPoint slides to Animated GIF

Conrad McGarry updated July 17, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Purpose: Create animated GIFs from PowerPoint slides.


  1. To make a GIF animation, you will need to convert your PowerPoint slides to .gif files.
    1. Go
    1. to File
    1. .
    2. Go to Save As
    Save As
    1. .
    2. Choose GIF
    1. as the Format option.
  2. You will have a folder with individual slides as .gif files.
  3. Go to File File .
  4. Go to Save As Save As .
  5. Choose GIF GIF as the Format option.


  1. Image Added

  2. Google "Create animated .gifs" for third party websites that make GIF animations. Select a website of your choice and follow their instructions to select your photos and choose your photo speed. A link should be provided for download.

If you have further questions, contact The Help Desk.