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General Printing Information

There is no charge to those at IGPP for the use of the more than 20 in-house printers.

For the large format plotters, there is currently a $20 fee per poster regardless of paper used.  This printer is provided as a service and is funded by IGPP NetOps charges as well as printing fees. For this reason printing is prohibited to those outside of IGPP to the in-house printer.

For those outside of IGPP requiring printing to large format plotters Visit Imprint for more info.

Click for a list of IGPP printers sortable by models, rooms and capabilities.

Plotter Printers

The IGPP Helpdesk currently provides one plotter printer named goya for printing posters.


Print jobs cost $20 regardless of paper used. This fee helps pay for the ink, printheads, maintenance and paper.

Glossy and matte paper are readily available and is included in the printing fee. These jobs can be paid through your recharge number. When printing a poster, leave your name, recharge number and other information on the clipboard next to the printer.

Note: SDSU students should use "SDSU" for the recharge number. 


Glossy and matte paper are provided by the Helpdesk and is included in the printing fee. Paper is 42" x 100" or 42" x 150." 

If you would like to print using your glossy paper, please contact the IGPP Helpdesk so we can change the printer paper to glossy and then back to matte once your job has finished.

AGU Conference

During the month of AGU, glossy paper print jobs will be provided by the Helpdesk at the normal rate of $20 per poster. Glossy paper supplies are limited, so please only use glossy paper for the final draft of your poster. Rough drafts should be printed on 11x17 or matte.

Printing to a Plotter Printer

Suggested method is to print a pdf file. 

  1. Convert document to be printed to a pdf.  
  2. View the pdf file using Adobe Preview app.  Right click on the file > Open with > select Preview
  3. Select File > Print
  4. Select printer goya
  5.  Select Show Details
  6. Next select Paper Size 
  7. Select the correct paper size and print.

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP Helpdesk.

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