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  • Upgrading to Chronosync 4
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  • How do I upgrade to Chronosync 4?

Upgrading to Chronosync 4

If you are not at version 4 please upgrade. To find which version you are running, open Chronosync and select "About Chronosync" from the "Chronosync menu.

If you have any version besides 4, please upgrade to the following.

  1. Go here to download the latest version of ChronoSync. Mac OS X should automatically decompress the zip file and open the disk image.
  2. Double-click "Install" in the window that opens.

  3. Click through the three "Continue" install screens and agree to the user agreement.

  4. Continue through the installer and select your hard drive for the installation destination and finish the install. You should be prompted for your username and password.

  5. Launch Chronosync. It will be in the Applications folder.

  6. Launching the program will prompt Chronosync to be registered. Click "Register now."

  7. Contact the Help Desk for the license key. In the request please provide the UCSD hostname of your machine that you are installing Chronosync on.

  8. Click on the Chronosync menu item (clock icon) and select Scheduled Sync (typically listed as "Scheduled: Local to Server")

  9. If you are presented with an "Old File Format Detected" alert, click "Convert." Otherwise, skip to the next step.

  10. With Chronosync now open, select "Preferences" from the Chronosync menu.

  11. Set the "General" tab preferences as follows. Ensure "Use background scheduler" and "Wake system to synchronize" are checked.

  12. In the main screen ensure the "Options" are set as follows. Make sure the "Errors:" drop down is set to "Skip" and "Automatic retry before handling errors" is checked. Lastly, check to make sure the "Email Notification" section is configured and your email is address has been inputted. Also, make sure the "Preserve access control lists" is unchecked.

  13. Click "Save" (the "disk" icon towards the top) to save the selections and settings.
  14. Just a reminder! Make sure you are getting daily emails from Chronosync. If that is not the case then notify us immediately (x41753). Also, remember not to save anything directly to the server, because if the file is NOT on your machine locally, running Chronosync will overwrite the file. Lastly, please be aware that the IGPP default script does not back-up all the files in your home directory. For a list of files we do not back-up please visit here.

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP Net Ops.

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