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  • Updating Microsoft Office 2008
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Instructions for updating Microsoft Office 2008

  1. Open Microsoft Word (2008) by clicking the icon in your dock or opening it from your Applications folder.

  2. Once Word has opened, navigate to Help -> Check for Updates. Click on "Check for Updates."

  3. Microsoft AutoUpdate should open. Make sure "How would you like to check for software updates" is set as Automatically. Set the "Check for Updates" drop-down to Weekly. Click "Check for Updates."

  4. Make sure the update is selected and click "Install."

  5. Quit out of Microsoft Word. If you don't quit out of Microsoft Word the Installer will prompt you to quit the application before the update process begins.
  6. Click "Continue" on the Installer screen.

  7. Continue through the Installer by clicking Continue whenever prompted.
  8. When asked to authenticate, type in your password and let the installer finish.
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