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  • Setting up special Event times in doorkey
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Say-Ho Tan updated June 9, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Launch the OSI Wireless Access Management System Configurator

Navigate to the Timezones tab, and drop down to events - conference:

Create the event of the appropriate days. You MUST check the Priority box otherwise the doors will not unlock.

Navigate to the Readers tab and find the rooms you need affected by the Event.

RIght click on the readers, and drop down to Properties. Under Timezone, drop down to the events-conference timezone where you have created the special event.

Your Readers will now be controlled by the events timezone.

You should set a reminder for yourself so that you return the readers to the "Main Open Hours" timezone with the special event is complete.

Once the event is over, go back into the readers properties, and re-associate them with the timezone they were originally set to (this is usually Main Open Hours)

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