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  • Setting Up Audio in Munk Conference Room
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This page explains how to set up audio in the Munk Conference room for special events.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to main interface panel (side of chalk board), push Power Button (top button). 
  2. The select either HDMI (middle button) or VGA (bottom button). 

  3. If using HDMI the audio will automatically pass from the computer to the speakers within the HDMI cable. 

  4. If using VGA, the separate 3.5mm audio connection requires the VGA connection to be connected too.
    (On the wall side of the VGA cable there's a status light, where Amber = audio not connected, Green = audio connected)

    1. Plug VGA connection into device.
    2. Plug 3.5mm audio connection into device.
  5. Audio volume is controlled by the volume control on the device. 

If you need help, contact the Front Office at (858) 534-1927

**************************************** D E P R E C A T E D ****************************************

1. First, check out the Projector Key from the Human Resource Office. You will need this key to open up audio controls.

2. Go to the Munk Conference room. Head into the ocean side of the room where the VGA and audio cables are located.

3. Find the audio cable; there should be two 3.5mm jacks located at both ends of the cable. The headphone jack should look like this:

4. Plug one 3.5mm jack into the wall input where it says "AUDIO": 

5. Plug the other jack into your audio source (computer, iPod, anything with a 3.5mm jack). 

6. With the Project Key, go into the Munk Coffee Room and unlock the cabinet. You should see a stack of media equipment that look like this:

7. To power on the audio system, press the power button on the Precedence CMA30. There should be an opening to push the power button on.

8. Audio levels should be set and sounds should come out of the speakers. You can decrease audio volume on your device (computer, iPod, etc).