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  • Setting Holiday Exceptions in doorkier
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Setting up Holiday Time Schedule

Interval Collections are a group of up to 6 Intervals (or blocks of time). Each year’s holidays will be broken up into 4 Interval Collections, to represent the 4 quarters of the year. Each Interval (block of time) within the Interval Collection will represent the actual holiday.

Step 1: Creating the Interval Collections

  1. Open the Configurator (main) program
  2. Click on the Timezones tab
  3. Click the Interval Collections tab
  4. Click the Add button at the bottom of the page
  5. Name the interval something like (Holidays 20xx) and click finish button
  6. You can repeat this step for all of this year's quarters (if you know next year's holidays add those as well)

Step 2: Creating the Intervals (actual holidays)

  1. Click on the already created Interval Collection
  2. Click the New button under the Interval section
  3. Enter the name of the Holiday in the Subject Line
  4. Enter a Start Date and Time
  5. Enter an End Date and Time
    1. If it's an all-day event you can click the All Day Interval box
  6. We do NOT recommend that you use reoccurrences on holidays
  7. Click Finish
  8. Click Update (lower right corner)
  9. Repeat for additional holidays

Step 3: Applying the Interval Collections to the Read Control

You may know that you want the readers to lock on the holidays but without this step the readers won't know that.

  1. Click on the Reader Control tab when you are in the Timezone tab
  2. Click on the Reader Control tab that you want to apply the Interval Collection too
    1. Some end users will only have one other may have dozens
    2. Make sure to apply them to ALL of the Reader Controls that you need too
  3. In the right plane click the down arrow under Interval Collections
  4. Choose the holiday Interval Collections
  5. In the next column choose the Access Level that you want
    1. Choose the Access Level that is right for your facility
  6. Click the Priority box
    1. It's important to always choose this when you have a holiday Interval Collection or an Interval Collection that conflicts with another Interval Collection. (i.e. If your normal Interval Collection unlocks the doors M-F from 8am -5pm. What happens on the Thanksgiving Thursday? You want to make sure the system knows to take "Priority" on the Holiday Interval.)
  7. Click the All Manager Override box.
  8. Click the Update button
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for additional Holiday Intervals Collections now or as you add them in the future
  10. Repeat steps 2-9 if your facility has additional Reader Controls that need to be affected by the Holiday Interval Collections.

**Open the transactions program and verify that all of the readers register an Update Time Schedule transaction. That will let you know that all changes got all the way out to the readers. This may take a couple of minutes or longer depending on how many readers/portals that you have in your facility.**

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