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Every network account user is provided with 20GB of network home storage web space. This is in addition to the 300GB of storage provided via the departmental backup software, CrashPlan Pro. Your network account also allows you to login to the shared lab machines, located in the Barnyard of Munk Lab as well as lab machines of individual research labs at IGPP.


It is the user’s responsibility to monitor and maintain their storage within the quota

Upon reaching or exceeding the network home storage quota, users will be given a 5-day courtesy notice to reduce their account size to within quota. In extreme cases, accounts may be deactivated to prevent infringement on the storage allowance of other users.

Barnyard Machines:

Barnyard machines are shared hosts available for use by IGPP faculty, staff, students and visitors (with network accounts). The shared nature of these machines means that a long-uptime cannot be guaranteed and therefore not suited for running extended jobs. These machines are rebooted once a week for maintenance updates and patches. The weekly reboot schedule can be found here.

In addition, because many people have physical access to the machines, they can be rebooted or powered down without warning. Should you have need for high-availability computing, please contact the IGPP Help Desk.


Unless prior arrangements are made, network accounts are deactivated immediately and then deleted after a 30-day grace period upon the Help Desk’s receipt of a separation notice from HR or on the date specified by the principal investigator. Accounts also automatically deactivate after 6 months of inactivity.


Issues that you encounter with Barnyard machines or your network account should be reported to the IGPP Help Desk by e-mail at, or via phone at ext. x41753. The IGPP Help Desk’s standard operating hours are M-F 8am – 5pm.


By using IGPP’s network account services or Barnyard machines, you agree to adhere to the above.

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP HelpDesk.

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