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Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself your network, systems and some of the issues you might encounter:


  • CrashPlan is a backup utility available to most users at IGPP.
  • CrashPlan continuously backs up to our servers regardless of whether the application is open as long as your computer an internet connnection.
  • Please read this article for information on how to install CrashPlan:
  • You should receive daily notifications from CrashPlan beginning the day after backups begin. If you haven't been receiving notifications, please see this article:
  • See this article on what files are and aren't backed up and instructions on how to periodically verify that your files are on the server:


  • Please be conscious of the permissions of files in your local and network home directory. Files in the root of your home directory are usually viewable to anyone unless specifically set otherwise. The same is true for files in your Public and Sites folders.
  • Unless set otherwise, your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Library, Movies, Music, and Pictures folders are both viewable and writable by you and neither viewable nor writable to other users.


  • When you print a document, the default printer will be whichever printer you used last. For example if you print to dali and then you print to monet, monet will be the printer selected by default the next time you make a print. Be aware of the printer you use after receiving a new or upgraded computer. The last printer used may not be the one you're used to.


  • No one will ever ask for your password over email or by phone. Never send your password over email and be very wary of emails with links to websites that ask you to enter your password. When in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • There are several different password systems at UCSD and it's important to understand which is which. Please see this article to understand the difference: Account/Password Matrix
  • If you reset your IGPP account password, you'll need to change it in your ChronoSync script too.

Virtual Private Network aka VPN

  • VPN is required to access your computer from outside the UCSD network. For example, VPN is required to scp, SFTP, ssh, and FUSE into most computers at IGPP.
  • For a guide to setting up VPN, see this article:

File Sharing

  • Due to security concerns, we strongly advise users not to turn on Web Sharing on their individual computers. For a guide to sharing files, see this article:
  • VPN is required when connecting from outside the UCSD network to most services on computers at IGPP. (See VPN section for more information.)

Cruise or Low Bandwidth Location

Please let us know if you'll be going on a cruise or an area with low bandwidth so that we can prepare your system ahead of time.

  • Your account authenticates with our directory servers. When going on a cruise, it's necessary to have a separate, local account due to an issue with the onboard internet that can sometimes stall authentication.
  • Most systems have a network copy of MATLAB that authenticates with UCSD's servers. Due to an issue with the onboard internet, you may need to purchase and configure your copy with a local license.
  • Pause Crashplan Pro backup since CrashPlan runs constantly, even when the application is not open


Other Questions

For answers to many other frequently asked questions, check out:

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP HelpDesk.

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