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  • Munk Lab Self-Checkout Cabinet Access For Meeting Owl and Supplies
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The Meeting Owl is located In the Kitchenette right before you enter the Monk Conference Room. (See photo below) 

The cabinet that the Owl is located in is locked with a badge reader. Use your UCSD One Card, same one you use to unlock IGPP doors to access this cabinet seen in the photo below.

You will also find an extra keyboard, mouse, and lightning to USB iPhone charging cable labeled in the cabinet as well for your access. Please remember to return all supplies to the Self-Checkout cabinet when your are done using them. 

Handling and Care

Once you're finished with the Owl please return the Owl to the cabinet and make sure that the cabinet is locked before leaving the area. 

Instructions on how to use the Meeting OWL can be found at Meeting OWL Pro Video Conference Guide


If your UCSD One Card do not open this cabinet you can request access by filling out a request form at 

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