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  • How to Remove a Chronosync Script
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This wiki mainly applies to users who:

  1. have Crash Plan Pro for their main backup but
  2. require Chronosync for peer-to-peer syncs (ie. laptop to desktop, desktop to laptop, etc.) and
  3. need to get rid of the Chronosync script that creates a backup to the server.

This wiki will show you how to delete the unwanted script from your computer and remove it from the Chronosync scheduler.


  1. Open Chronosync in your Applications folder

  2. Go to Window>Scheduled Documents Manager.

  3. Select the unwanted script and open it by clicking this button: 

  4. A window should appear:

  5. Command-click on the name of the script (circled red above) at the top of the window. Click the second entry in the pull-down menu, which will be the location of the script.

  6. Delete unwanted script. 

  7. Return to Scheduled Documents Manager (see step 2). Finally, remove script from the scheduler by clicking this button:

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