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  • Hosting Files and Web Pages at IGPP
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Wayne Chen updated November 6, 2015 at 2:54 PM

Questions Addressed

  • How do I host files and web pages at IGPP?

Locations from which to Serve Files and Web Pages at IGPP

Each person at IGPP has two web spaces, and
Conventionally hosts web pages while hosts files, but ultimately it is up to you on how to use them.

NoteTo access each site, direct people to point their web browsers to the URL format above. The username is simply your short login name from your IGPP OpenDirectory account (i.e. hchen). To apply for an account fill out the form in

How to upload files to your web spaces

  • Copy the file you want to share to the world to the Sites or Public folder in your network home directory by following one of the 3 directions below. ( ~/Sites for igppweb and ~/Public for igpppublic).


Instructions on how to use SMB can be found here: SMB


Instructions on how to use SCP can be found here: SCP


Instructions on how to use SFTP can be found here: SFTP

Setting permissions to files in your web spaces

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP Help Desk.

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