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  • Door Key Associating Groups to a User
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Please Note: After you finish connecting to "", it is extremely important that you close all open programs, and logout of Windows when you are finished. Leaving an open Windows session will prevent other users from being able to access this program.

To associate Groups to a User, start by going to the "Users" tab from the main screen.

This will bring you to the "Users" pane.

Select the User you would like to associate with a Group. Under "Associations" click on the button with three dots to the right of "User Groups".

This will bring up the window that shows you what Groups are associated with the User. The Groups associated with the user are in the left pane. The groups associated with IGPP are in the right pane.

Select which groups you would like the User to be associated with, then click the "Add" button.

You will be prompted to confirm you want to add the User groups to this User. Click "Yes".

You will see the changes reflected, with the Groups now showing under the User, in the left column.

Click "Finish" to complete this process.

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