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Please Note: After you finish connecting to "", it is extremely important that you close all open programs, and logout of Windows when you are finished. Leaving an open Windows session will prevent other users from being able to access this program. 

Start by double clicking on the WAMSconfigurator Shortcut on your desktop.

Login using your account for the OSI program. If you do not know this, please contact the IGPP Help Desk.

The initial screen you will see is the "Readers" pane. To add a user, click on the "Users" tab, highlighted below.

This will bring you to the "Users" pane.

Before adding a user, first verify that they are not already in the User list.

To add a user, click the "Add User" button.

This will bring up the User info. Populate this with the Users First and Last Name. Then click Update. 

Your User has now been added.

Too add credentials to Users, like a Keycard or Keyfob, see here:

Door Key - Adding credentials to a User

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