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Please Note: After you finish connecting to "", it is extremely important that you close all open programs, and logout of Windows when you are finished. Leaving an open Windows session will prevent other users from being able to access this program. 

To add credentials to a user, such as a keycard or keyfob, start by going to the "Users" tab from the main screen.

This will bring you to the "Users" pane

To add a credential, find the User you want to associate the credential to.

Under "Credential Settings" click on three dots to the right of "Credentials"

This brings up the Credential Setup window.

Every user starts out with a Keypad credential as a default. To add a keycard or keyfob, click the "Add" button.

This will bring up the Credential Setup window. Drop down to "Proximity Card" then click "Finish.

You now need to associate the keyfob or keycard with the user. This can me done by selecting the reader closest to you, and have the user swipe their card/fob while you scan for it. To do this, first select the reader closest to you from the dropdown menu.

Then click the "Scan" button. The user will have 30 seconds from when you click "Scan" to swipe their card/fob.

Once the user swipes, the system will read their credential number.

The scan method does not always work. You will want to double check the transactions within Dorkier to make sure you have documented the correct credentials for the correct card. If the credentials are incorrect you will want to fill in the information manually. There is a simple way to do this:

  1. Scan the card on a keypad that you know is updating frequently (this can change from time to time as some keypads will not update as frequently or as accurately as others) 
  2. Check the transactions for the UNKNOWN user
  3. If the time and the keypad match your actions expand the User field and screen shot the number associated with the transaction. This number should start with 11 zeros.
  4. go back to the user and add the credentials manually.

Click "Finish". This will bring you back to the Credential Setup screen. 

You can now highlight the "Keypad" credential and click "Remove", leaving you with just the Proximity Card credential.

Click "Finish" to complete this process.

To associate a User with the appropriate Groups, see here:

Adding Outside Keys:

We have people bring us HID Prox key fobs from SDSC to activate here as a second key. The "Warning!" section above is the basic process to get these added as well. Just in case, here are additional, explicit, specific instructions: 

Received his new SDSC HID Prox key fob. Based on what we did for Geoff Davis' new key fob, I was able to get the new key fob registered as a secondary key for Adam. Used the following steps:

  1. Used normal steps to add in new key for a user in WAMS at my workstation using the USB card reader. 
  2. Saved the scanned in key fob to Adam's profile. 
  3. Scanned the key at one of the door locks (used our 4112 one). 
  4. Went to the WAMS Transaction application to find the scanned transaction for the door lock. The scanned transaction has the expected key number.
  5. Compare the key number from the door lock with the one saved into the profile in step 1. 
  6. The number should be nearly identical except for an extra 2 that needs to be changed to a 0. 
  7. Edit, save, done. 
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