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The IGPP Help Desk provides a flexible departmental disk-based data storage solution for your general research storage needs, offering customized snapshots tailored to your group's need and offsite* mirroring in a secure server room environment.


Storage Increment

Mirrored (2x) Storage Pricing

2 TB (1TB useable)

Monthly charge of $16

Additional storage can be added by 1TB increments. 

All storage are formatted with double parity** and mirrored offsite*.

Your data can be exported via NFS or accessed via SMB/CIFS protocols.


Prices may change depending on cost outside of our control.
IGPP Help Desk will purchase warranty and maintenance from the original vendor for the upkeep of these storages for as long as it is economically reasonable to do so***.


By purchasing the departmental data storage, you agree to adhere to the above.

* Offsite in this case does not necessarily mean outside of the department. It can mean server room located at a different building within the department.

** Storage can sustain a minimum of 2 drive failure without losing data.

*** To be determined by the IGPP Help Desk in comparison to the purchase of a new storage unit.

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