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  • Accessing Group Storage Using SMB
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Questions Addressed

  • How do I access network group storage?

When connecting from outside the UCSD network, VPN is required by using either the web interface or the VPN AnyConnect application.

Connect using SMB (for Mac)

  1. In Finder, go to the menu Go  > Connect to Server.., or press ⌘ + K.

  2. Type in smb:// and click Connect.
  3. Type in your Active Directory (AD) user name and password.
  4. Select your share and click OK.

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP Help Desk.

Connecting to SMB (For PC)

  1. Open up File Explorer and then right-click on This PC (in the left pane). From the resulting context menu, select Add a network location.

  2. Click Next in the Welcome window. In the resulting screen, click Choose a custom network location (the only option) and then click Next.

  3. Next you must enter the IP address of your Samba server in the form of //SERVER_IP/SHARE (Where SERVER_IP is the IP address of your Samba server and SHARE is the name of the share you want to add).

  4. Click Next to continue on. In the next window, type a name for the network location. A default name will be picked up by the Samba server, you can either use that or enter a custom name that makes it easier for you to remember either where the share is or what is housed within the share. (in this case, we will call it Code42)

  5. Click Next to reach the final screen of the wizard. Click Finish and the share is now ready for you to use.

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